The Way We Were

when it all started. . . .  . . 

Little solid black "Chinai" . . . . . The one who started it all  . . . .

Tucson 1978

Little Chinai

my first Shizzie

The one who started it all. . . . . . . 

Sire  Ch. Lil Sassy Sambo 

It's so hard to get a good photo of a solid black dog. 


Miss Patch was a darling puppy with wonderful conformation

Austin 1979

Little Miss Patch comes  from Minnesota

She was bred by the late Molly Heck 

We liked her so much we bought her brother too.

(We later placed him as a pet.)


Sun Loon's Patchalce at 12 weeks and Joclif's Sunshine a Ch. Jo Clif's Gentleman Jim son

Miss Patch and Sunny 

(Suuny turned out to be a pet . He went to live with my friend Wimberley King.)



Chinai's Fancy Lace


Chinai's Fancy Lace

The dam of Ch. Pekae's General Electric (and others)

Sister to Chinai's Lacey Lady who produced several champions for Pat Arrington. 

Litter sister to Chinai's Somebody Special who was the Sire of our Chinai's Extra Sweet.

(Who was the dam of BISS Am and Int. Ch. Extra Special R.O.M.)

Chinai's Lacey Lady

Chinai's Lacey Lady 

Ch. Chargalong's Boo Boo X Sun Loon's Patchlace of Chinai

Lacy had several reserves to big majors before she went to live with Pat Arrington.

Jennifer Winship was showing Lacy and she gave me a glowing reference for Pat who promised to finish her.

Instead Pat bred her 5 times in a row until she got mammary cancer. 

I was very disgusted with both of these people and soon a lot of other people were, too. 


one for the money-  two for the show - three to get ready 

and four to go. . . . . 

Sun Loon's Patchalce of Chinai AKA "MIss Patch"

My first real show dog and my first AKC points.

Miss Patch and Chris in San Antonio, Texas 1979

Sun Loon's Patchlace of Chinai 

(Ch. Timberlakes Rockee Vollee Ki Ki  X Ch. Rockee Vollee Ms)

Miss Patch produced Ch. Chinai's Galaxy Gal and Ch. Chinai's Starlord. 

Her daughters (above) by Ch. Chargalong's Boo Boo both should have finished their championships as should have their brother Chubby. 

I had a bilateral radical mastectomy that year. Unfortunately I had to place them to help pay the handling bills.

 I trusted people who promised to take good care of them and finish them. 

Chubby was mistreated and damaged by Jennifer Winship his handler and neither of the girls were never even shown again. 

Sometimes showing dogs can be a heartbreaking experience as any long timer can tell you. 

The judge here was the late Charles C. Johnson of Joclif fame. 

Chuck and his wife Betty bred many lovely champions over the years. 

I was lucky to have Betty mentor me soon after this win. She taught me a lot about this wonderful breed and the people in it. 

I had great respect for the Johnson's. They exemplified ethics and integrity in all they did in life.

They both had a good "eye" for evaluating dogs. I was lucky to have known them. .

Betty Johnson passed away this past year. She was truly a lovely lady and wonderful human being. 


My first Best In Match win

First Best in Match Win TVSTC 1979

Dave and I brought our lovely little almost black Flame son* by Miss Patch to the fun match hoping to win with him.

Instead I won with a darling little Flame son by Angel. (Vi's Christmas Angel) 

They were both adorable little boys!!

We were delighted with our first Best in Match win and a lovely bronze statue from our Japanese judge.

 (That statue still graces one of our china cabinets.) 

It's easy to see how we got hooked!! 



              Celeste spent her golden years living in Califronia with Bella Sherbal.   Flame was such a darling boy - I remember when we had the samurai judge and he was the only dog who wasn'tr afraid of his costume!                     

                                                  Chinai's Celestial Song                        Chinai's Flame of Passion 

                          Celeste and Flame were from Ch. Chinny Chin Ah Chop Chop X Joclif's Mai Song of Chinai 

They both had super temperaments, lovely coat textures, clean habits and they both showed very nicely.

 They were smaller dogs and not the big larger boned type being shown in Texas at that time so I wasn't able to finish them.

I personally think they both truly deserved it. I bred Celeste only once and Flame 3 times. 

 Janet Long, Chinny's breeder/owner said these puppies and their brother "Impy" 

(Chinai's Imperial Song who was owned and loved by Kim Pinkerton from Houston) 

were the last Chinny puppies ever born. 

                                                           Ultimately none of their offspring played a part in the future of our breeding program. 

I still have some wonderful memories of all of these little guys I will never forget. 

*The little dark guy at the fun match was one of my all time favorites and I wish I had kept him.

He was frightened badly once at a show while he was sound asleep. 

He was very startled when someone reached down and grabbed him off the floor.. 

I placed him as a pet because he wanted to be a home boy after that incident.


Notice the grooming of the day? We had to ask if the judges were "bow" judges or not. 

Depending on the answer, we would add or remove bows. Also only one band was permitted for topknots in those days.