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What does Chinai mean?

I'm undoubtedly a Chinai kind of guy!

In Chinese 

China Means Love

Chinai means love and affection

Our love and affection for the breed and for our own dogs helps bring out the best in them. 

The temperament of the shih tzu is full of love and affection as well. 

Love and affection is the hallmark of the shih tzu.

The Chinai Look is ME!!

This is Chinai's Favorite Squeakee Toy 

Our  official greeter and good will ambassador

Chinai is a benchmark for the breed.

An extra special Chinai Shih Tzu is the epitome of what a shih tzu should be. 

The Chinai breeding philosophy 

has always been the same from the start. 

Only breed the best dogs. 

Never lie to yourself

( or anyone else) 

Evaluate our dogs honestly and objectively. 

Never pass along problems. 

Don't  sell potential problems to anyone else. 

Never breed any dogs we wouldn't  want to keep for ourselves. 

Don't keep or breed any dogs  that we wouldn't be proud to own or have our own kennel name on. 


Why has Chinai been so successful in creating an Extra special

Extra healthy,  Extra-ordinary line (family) with in this fantastic little breed? 

Possibly because of our personal philosophy:

 Never try to recoup losses. A loss is just that;  a loss. 

Cut short any losses. 

(This can be painful at times - but to truly develop the best dogs - you must be able to accept this.)

Acknowledge  mistakes. Correct them.  Move on. 

Accept your wins and losses gracefully. 

Don't boast, don't gossip, do your best by your dogs

Always be completely honest and fair with novices and those seeking advice. 

Treat others as you would like and expect to be treated yourself. 

Help others with a genuine concern for the breed 

Help all shih tzu have a better life. 

The unmistakable 

" Chinai LOOK"

I've got the " Chinai Look"

If you look at the dogs on these pages you undoubtedly will see the common ancestry and "look"

It is very "fixed" in the Chinai dogs just as their temperament and health characteristics.

What is that look?

You'll notice a full dark eye, a pronounced short stop.

The Chinai dogs usually have a 5/8 inch  nose length combined with a high crown and fore skull.

A wide padded muzzle should be evident, whenever possible with a straight 6 x 6 bite.

Chinai dogs have straight front legs, a 45 degree shoulder blade and well angulated rears with high tail sets.

 Some of this may be hard to determine for sure from photographs. 

That is why it's not a good idea to buy a dog from a photograph.

 (Naturally when selecting a mate for your female, don't  breed your girls to a photograph,)

Always see and "go over", put your hands on a dog. (Whenever possible see their parents, littermates and progeny.) 

Learn how to evaluate a dog based on it's conformation compared to the standard for it's breed.

Learn all you can about the characteristic and variances with in the breed.

Remember a friendly, outgoing temperament is an essential characteristic of the Shih Tzu. 

When you become a Shih Tzu connoisseur you will appreciate the Chinai Shih Tzu even more!! 

Our clients say they love these expressions and associate them with Chinai.

Shih Tzu don't know a stranger or a danger. 

Good accidents can happen  . . . . 

It's not the mistakes you make it's what you do about them that makes the difference. 

Always be a willing student and you will learn much!

I've learned so much from all my wonderful dogs and clients alike over the years. 

God Bless you all!

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