This page is dedicated to my 

BISS INT Ch. Chinai's Extra Special ROM

" Beau Beau" 


all the precious Chinai Shih Tzu 

who have been so devoted to those who loved them.

I Wonder at Easter


Author Unknown

I wonder if Christ
Had a small shaggy dog
All loving and gentle like mine
With silky long ears
And nose round and wet
And two eyes, dark and tender that shine

I'm sure if he had
That his small shaggy dog
Knew right from the first he was God
That he needed no proof that Christ was divine
But just worshipped the ground that He trod,

I'm afraid that He hadn't,
Because I have read
How He prayed in the garden alone,
For all of His friends
and disciples had fled,
Even Peter, the one he called the Stone

And oh, I am sure
That that small shaggy dog
With a heart so tender and warm,
Would never have left Him,
To suffer alone,
But creeping right under His arm,

Would have licked those dear fingers
In agony clasped
In continuing all favor but loss,
When they took Him away,
Would have trotted behind,
And followed Him right to the Cross



Words can't express the blessing these dogs have been to our lives. Their

contribution to all of our lives is priceless. The place just isn't the

same without these wonderful little spirits. My heart aches when I think of

any of them.

One who possesses beauty without vanity

Strength without ferocity

And all the virtues of man without his vices,

This praise, which would be unmeaning flattery if said of a human,

Is but a just tribute to my dog!

~Lord Byron